"What You Are Not Changing

                   You Are Choosing"

What I Do

As as a Coach & Educator, I know that                                                  these are the benefits of having a Coach :

  • You will reach your goals faster
  • You will become a more effective leader
  •  You will breakthrough limiting beliefs 
  •  You will gain clarity in your life purpose

As an Educator, I provide real-time solutions to Personal Development

LBGTQ2 & Poly Friendly

I Coach

Why you should have a coach:

  • Reach Your Goals Faster
  • Become A More Effective Leader
  • Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs
  • Gain Clarity In Your Purpose

I Speak

Fabulous Podcast Guest who engages your audience with :

  • How to avoid costly dating mistakes by not being “picky” enough.
  • How to use the Laws of Attraction can work in efficient ways
  • Why Mindset and Meditation are the keys to designing the life you want

I Teach

With every course you take :

  • You will learn practical steps you can use immediately
  • You will see the passion that has gone into all courses
  • With all the Q & A sessions, you get real answers in real-time 

Need Advice?

1:1 sessions can be very productive.  If you simply need a little push forward or to sort out a situation a short 30-minute session works.  If you have  a more complex issue you want to look at and develop effective tools to move forward at least an hour-long session will work.  However, you may find that more sessions will move you forward faster than talk to me about a coaching package.  

My E-Books & Courses

My eBooks are there for people who feel that a new perspective or new tools will work for them and they can do the work on their own. 

However, if you find that a program with a bit more structure will work for you then, I invite you to review the courses that are available to you. 

If you are not sure please schedule a free consultation to go over what you want to accomplish and what will be the best way to get there.  If this is you send an email to alex@teandtransformation.ca

The Path To Unconditional Love


“My marriage being over I entered the dating world. I was just turning 49 years old and was dating for the first time since I was 24. I can’t tell you how bad my choices were, and so I gave up.
Then I took Alex’s The Path to Unconditional Love. Well, now I’m sharing my life with a mature and caring man. I have told my new love he wouldn’t have me in his life if it wasn’t for Alex. He and I both are grateful for what she taught me.”

- CL