My story

My work has always been about being able to use the information from a session with me right away.  What is the point of spending time working through your blocks if you can use the information immediately?
I have over 40 years of experience working as a psychic and transformational counsellor using Tarot, crystals, neuro-emotional release and clearing hypnotherapy-meditation technique.
I give accurate, honest business coaching, love and relationship readings, and bring forward any messages your guides wish to tell you.  As well, sometimes a loved one who has passed over also comes through.
People are frequently asking questions  like: “I feel so stuck what can I do to move forward?”, “Is he the one?” or “Can you trust him?” and “Does he love me?” Soul Mate or Twin Flame?
Will my finances improve soon?
Will I get the job? Which job should I choose?
If you are feeling a little insecure about your relationship, your job, or your business there is probably something you are not seeing. This is where I come in.
Everyone has those times in their lives when they are confused about what to do next. With my psychic abilities, I will help you gain insight and guide you on how to move forward. My reading style is to work with you here right now in the present and recommend actions for a successful outcome. I will not sugarcoat the reading. I know it is hard to hear something that goes against what you feel. Part of what I do is to let you know the absolute truth as it comes through. Please check out my videos to see if we connect.

Some of my history is: I have been a Tarot Reader for 40+.  I have an active practice as a Transformational Consultant and a skilled Emotional Crisis Triage practitioner. I have been a practising Tarot Reader and Transformational Counsellor for over 35 years.
I was privileged to study with the spiritual Elders of the Musqueam Band in Vancouver, the Mr Curry Band in Whistler and the Apache Elders in Arizona.  Their wisdom grounded my in the Shamanic Traditions and filled out some spaces that needed to be addressed.
I was born with the gift to see energy around people and for many years to “know” things about family, friends, and strangers. I thought everyone did this. Then I discovered not everyone did. It was then that I began to share my gifts with my wider community.

Please check out my videos:

Tea & Transformation - YouTube