"What You Are Not Changing

                   You Are Choosing"

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We often have lots going on in our lives and it can be confusing to know what direction to take or what the next step is for you. When you book a session with Alex she is in direct contact with your Guides so they can give you the information you need to move forward.

The Path To Unconditional Love


“My marriage being over I entered the dating world. I was just turning 49 years old and was dating for the first time since I was 24. I can’t tell you how bad my choices were, and so I gave up.
Then I took Alex’s The Path to Unconditional Love. Well, now I’m sharing my life with a mature and caring man. I have told my new love he wouldn’t have me in his life if it wasn’t for Alex. He and I both are grateful for what she taught me.”

- CL