Someday you have to recognize that you are either in charge of your life or not. Life can either happen to you by accident or you can create the life you want.  Tea & Transformation is about making your life into what you want, not what your parents want, or your culture wants but what you want. It is about transforming your life into balanced, passionate, compassionate and peacefully dynamic life. As you begin to create your life you become your word as your bond (your word is never to be taken as bondage ) to your relationships and to your future. When we are living our lives by accident it makes it so much easier to blame circumstance and situations for all the things that don’t work.  However, the blame game gets you nowhere. You can sit around and say I don’t have to plan whatever comes is what is supposed to come. Bull. You create out of what you have in front of you. You decide who you are in any situation. Take the best of your past and bring it into your future. Decide who you are and what you portray in the world. You decide. You. There are courses here for Attracting your Soulmate, Why you need a Code of Ethics for your life and your business, I have my Why now I need my How, Goal to Reality: a 10-week support program and other such courses for your development. As well, as a psychic and medium, I also offer private readings and coaching for your spiritual development.  This is offered from one single simply reading to a six month supported program. You will also find a library of my videos on YouTube.  You can see how I developed over the months of learning and trial and error. This is a safe cocoon of caring while you find your feet on this new path you have chosen.