"What You Are Not Changing

                   You Are Choosing"

Set up a Session with Alex

We often have lots going on in our lives and it can be confusing to know what direction to take or what the next step is for you. When you book a session with Alex she is in direct contact with your Guides so they can give you the information you need to move forward.

What I do

The benefits of having a coach are

  • You will reach your goals faster
  • You will become a more effective leader
  • You will breakthrough limiting beliefs
  • You will gain clarity in your life purpose

If you have ever wondered how you get real lasting change and not just a hot bath reaction to a weekend seminar it is done with a coach. Most people talk about how they want to change their lives and spend their time looking for the magic pill.  I know you just thought “oh God here we go”.  I know you have heard it all before but you are still in the same place. Isn’t it time to stop talking about making that change and get it done?  This is where a coach becomes important. 

A coach will hold you accountable for your commitment and encourage you to step out onto the end of the shaky branches and to show up and do the work.  The work is not hard or difficult it is the showing up that is the hard part.  A coach is there to hold your hand when you need it, to push you out of the nest when it is time, and to celebrate all the work you have done along with the wins. 

This is what I do as a coach and as an educator. 

Need Advice

1:1 sessions can be very productive.  If you simply need a little push forward or to sort out a situation a short 30-minute session works.  If you a more complex issue you want to look at and develop effective tools to move forward at least an hour-long session will work.  However, you may find that more sessions will move you forward faster then talk to me about a coaching package.  

My E-Books & Courses

My eBooks are there for people who feel that a new perspective or new tools will work for them and they can do the work on their own. 

However, if you find that a program with a bot more structure will work for you then I invite you to review the courses that are available to you. 

If you are not sure please schedule a free consultation to go over what you want to accomplish and what will be the best way to get there.  If this is you send an email to alex@teandtransformation.ca

The Path To Unconditional Love


“My marriage being over I entered the dating world. I was just turning 49 years old and was dating for the first time since I was 24. I can’t tell you how bad my choices were, and so I gave up.
Then I took Alex’s The Path to Unconditional Love. Well, now I’m sharing my life with a mature and caring man. I have told my new love he wouldn’t have me in his life if it wasn’t for Alex. He and I both are grateful for what she taught me.”

- CL