The Transformation Academy

The energy of this card points to a Teacher who can reveal some ways to a better, deeper, more fulfilling life.

Please decide which classes you would like to take and then register.  You may take more than one class at a time if you wish.

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How to Develop a Code of Ethics 

Having the Man you want in your Life: Right Now!
Do you find that you have been dating the same guy only in different bodies for the past 5 or more years?  Are you constantly asking why this is not working out like you thought it would?  Is finding the right guy a never-ending source of frustration?  If so this is the course for you.  I will teach you how to find your deal breakers and more importantly discover and use the Laws of Attraction to have the relationship with the man you have always wanted right now.  (P.S. It’s going to be a lot of fun)

Beginners Guide to Meditation
This is a 4 part survery course on different styles of meditaions suited for western mind.  You will learn how to quiet yourself for reflection and personal growth.  Through meditation you can bring spirit, mind, and body into alignment for your highest good.   I do suggest that if meditation is not a part of your daily practice and you simply do not know where to begin, the Meditation Survey course is a great place to start.

The Diet Free Living Seminar
This is not a get happy with being fat course.  This is not about the food we eat; rather it is about what we believe about the food we eat.  Food always serves something in us.  In this course we will delve into ourselves to discover how we layer fat on in service to something in us.  The work will be intense and revealing but so worth it in the end.  Contact me if you have any questions about the suitability of this course for you.

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