Oh my gosh.. after speaking with Alex I feel over-joyed. I know she wants the best for her clients. She is amazing and I am so happy to have come across her. Her predictions after only a few weeks are coming to pass.
she’s really good prediction happened…
OMG this woman has the gift we long for! Where do i even begin. She reads from YOUR guides not hers be very aware because another person’s guides are not YOUR guides. The details Alex provided was specific to my circumstances meaning it simply cannot be made up she was totally in tune. Everything from the feminine energy to the factory work right through to wanting to do fashion she was mind blowing!! Tread carefully when you read with her, let her take her pace because messages will come up regardless that you need to hear so it’s important you let this reading breathe without throwing in questions everywhere. Alex thank you..I’m absolutely amazed and even more I am baffled that you are kept secret. Bless you xox

Highly recommended!! Alex nailed everything to a T. The reading was so insightful, informative & filled with guidance. I can’t thank her enough. Thank you so much, dearest Alex! You’re a budget savior ❤ x

I absolutely love her!!!! I feel so lucky to have come across her. She is the real deal! She is absolutely brilliant with her reading and she gives knowledge of the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Alex. !!!! Thank you so much!