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When Suicide is the Only Option Left: and why it leaves us angry and broken.

Anthony Bourdain died today and Val Kilmer FB’d how angry he was that his friend took his life. This is not an unusual reaction. I know it well. The love of my life also hung himself. 


Anger Keeps you Chained to the Past & How to Choose Joy Instead

So I have a temper…. I don’t let it out much because it is so unproductive but I have noticed that every once and awhile it gets the better of me…. all in my head mind you…. you know what I mean …. where you find yourself going over and over the situation with everything you could have said and didn’t.

Tea & Transformation; Why now

Do you ever go and look at what you believe and why you believe what you do?

Let’s talk relationship – the top three love questions psychics deal with daily

Let’s talk relationship – part 2

Let’s talk relationship – part 3