Individual Coaching

Why you should have a coach:

·         Reach Your Goals Faster
·         Become A More Effective Leader
·         Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs
·         Gain Clarity In Your Purpose

Have you ever wondered how you get real lasting change?  The most common thing people talk about is how they want to make a change in their life. Everybody wants that magic pill, and nobody wants to do any work.  Funny how that thinking does not work in places like a gym.

One of the things we do not realize is that the process of change, of conditioning ourselves, to something new, actually feels incredible. Once you get that momentum going for yourself, change becomes easy. Instead, people say I lost 100 pounds, but it is the same 10 pounds 10 times or I have been dating the same guy for ten years, just in different bodies.

This one kills me. I am on my 4th day of no cigarettes, and if you are counting the change, it’s not lasting change, it is you telling people how long you lasted. If you want lasting change, you have to give up this idea of trying something you have to decide you’re going to commit to mastery. You know most people only dabble with the idea of change; they don’t commit to mastery. 

A confused mind will always say no while a coached mind says yes!