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The Three of Pentacles is the opportunity for two-way learning.

The way I do a reading is by connecting with your guides and my guides to look at the energy surrounding you and the energies that touch you.  Your questions often bring an immediate response from your guides. During the reading, you may ask as many questions about anything you are needing guidance with at the time of the reading.
To book a reading with me please fill out the contact form with the day and time you would like to book.  There is a calendar to the right where you can check to see if the time and day you want is available. Payment must be received at the time of the booking.  The reading will take place via Zoom and it is a live video call As well, I will email you a recording of the reading.  It is helpful if you can tell me your question ahead of time as a place to start.


New Moon In Aries Reading

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$25 USD for a reading with three cards and one topic of your choice.  This s a very quick reading typically taking 15 minutes.  You can have this reading in person or via email.

$45 USD for 20 minutes for a five card reading with a more in-depth look at the situation. Typically this reading is again on one topic but is about 20 to 25 minutes.  It is recommended for an in-person reading.

$85 USD for 45 minutes and an in-depth look at your romantic prospects even if you have a partner and are looking to rekindle your relationship.  This reading looks into the reasons why relationships have not been long lasting or fulfilling.  It looks at potential relationships, probable outcomes give the current situation.

A combination of Tarot and psychic readings can be used to examine and set a course for the next six weeks (if you like an accelerated intense lifework) or six months if you want to work and ponder your results.  It is entirely up to you to set the pace you wish to work at.

$540 for a 6 session in-depth live reading.  These readings can be spread out over 6 weeks or six months.

$950 for a full program of readings and coaching sessions designed to go over your personal and professional goals.  In this program, you will look at what it is that you want to achieve.  Develop a plan for spiritual practice, meditation, developing your intuition and psychic abilities.  We will also look at what is in the belief structure that is holding you back.  This is a custom program that is designed around what it is that you want to achieve.  If you are unsure about what and where you want to go that will be the focus of your first month with me.  For more information, we will set up a time to meet.  I use in-person sessions or in-person through Zoom so where you reside does not limit the delivery of the program.

Email me directly to set up a time to review your goals and intentions and to set up your reading.

Please read my Code of Ethics before you book a time with me.

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Please email me at if you have questions.