Anger Keeps you Chained to the Past & How to Choose Joy Instead

So I have a temper…. I don’t let it out much because it is so unproductive but I have noticed that every once and awhile it gets the better of me…. all in my head mind you…. you know what I mean …. where you find yourself going over and over the situation with everything you could have said and didn’t.

However, I have learned that being angry all the time, or having to have someone who hates you in your presence all the time is so damn hard to deal with. In some situations I am sure a good swift punch to the face would bring me some immediate relief … then about 5 minutes later I would be feeling like a piece of well you know what. So I give it up… anger does not serve me or my choice of how to live my life.

And my advice to the person who got all up in my face over something that you did not understand is: don’t let anger put a lid on all the other wonderful stuff that is going on around you. 

When you sit in anger when you have this ongoing conversation in your head about what a loser the other person is then all you can see of them is the bad stuff, the stuff that picks your ass. You know what I mean.

Recently I met someone who lives that, anger all the time and that anger tells them that if they give so much as one little inch to the person who makes them angry they lose. The people they “love” are possessions, whose only use is to make them feel important, needed or wanted.

Now that I have had some time to reflect on that I will remind them always that love is the way to go, not controlling and calling it love, not manipulation to feel self-important, and certainly with anger how could you see anything of value in those you deem valueless. Wish me luck that I can stay calm centred and balanced in the face of such anger.


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