Tea & Transformation; Why now

“The High Priestess advises you to adhere to your chosen spiritual practice on a more regular basis. If you want the benefits of evolution, you’ll have to cooperate with spirit. We all have distractions, demands — a whole life full of reasons why we cannot find the time to retreat into our inner sanctum.”

Here I am 20 years later and in my 60’s opening up a transformational consulting business with Tarot readings as a mindfulness/intentional living practice, and teaching the workshops I used to in person.  Now with the internet and social media marketing, the entire world is reachable and so it makes sense to do this now.  Who knew this is where I would end up.
When you are going to start a business one of the first questions you get asked is “Why”  or “find your why” because without that you can be all over the map and ultimately that will get you nowhere.
I always “know” the next step, or been able to assist people in their journey.  This ability went solid for me with the work that I did when I lived in Arizona.   While living there I published a newspaper for the New Age Community, became certified in  different healing/therapeutic modalities and made a living.  It did not stop there.  I became a pipe carrier much to my surprise and I already was a sweat leader.  I did quite a lot of personal growth coaching and psychic work.
When I came back to Canada people were not as much into personal growth.  Oh, there were pockets of people seeking enlightenment but unless you lived in a major centre making a living with new age skills was at best a very hard sell.    So I put that part of my life on hold. Now an entire new journey has begun.  I am older, hopefully wiser and will use my skills to make the place where I live better.  It will be a journey with the requisite ups and downs and I hope you will join me in this process.

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