Let’s talk relationship – the top three love questions psychics deal with daily

“The Lovers Tarot card reflects the challenges of choosing a partner”

The most frequently asked question I get as an intuitive psychic is “when will he call me” or “we went out and I have not heard from him; when will I hear from him”.  My first question is “have you reached out to him”.  The response more often than not is “no” he has to contact me.  He will think I am desperate if I call him first or a variation of that thinking.  umm sounds pretty Victorian to me in terms of what you think a relationship should look like.  It seems in the heads of women is this fantasy of how a relationship is supposed to go and it has a timeline that has nothing to do with reality at all.    On the first date, you as the women in the pairing has it all figured out that within two weeks you will be talking about how wonderful it is that you met.  How fulfilled you are.  You already have it planned out which one of you is going to move in with the other and that you will be engaged in six months and married within the year.  TOTALLY UNREALISTIC and if you want to talk about looking desperate go look in the mirror.  With this scenario, you have hardly given either one of you time to enjoy each others company instead you have a series of markers that must.be.met.  What relationship has a chance with this kind of fantasy timeline? Oh and this: if you are the kind of woman who is a confident take charge woman with serious leadership skills, why would you try and change who you are just to “get a guy”.  Oh you can try to fit the mould you think a guy would want but at the end of the day, that charade will only last so long before you can’t stand one more minute of who you have become or HE finds out you are not the little Disney princess he thought he was getting.  It won’t be long before you are ending this relationship because there is nothing based on reality here.

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