Do you ever go and look at what you believe and why you believe what you do?

“Fundamental change is imminent. The positive benefits you gain during this period could last a long time.”

Time to tell a little story here.  One day, many many years ago I was out food shopping with a friend.  I am doing my normal food shop and when we had finished.  She had purchased what she was getting and me what I was getting she commented to me that I shopped in a very weird way.  I looked at her like she had two heads and said what do you mean. She said that I did not go down the bread aisle (true I do not) I did not go down the cookie and snack aisle (also true).  She pointed out that I did not have any potatoes or pasta or starchy foods.  She asked where did I learn to shop like that.  It kind of set me back a minute.  I said I don’t know but let me think about that. Turns out that when I was growing up my mother followed the Weight Watchers program and the family was on a constant diet.  The way I shop is the way my mother shopped when she was alive.  No bread, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta, nothing with sugar so cookies and ice cream and desserts were out.  We NEVER had dessert with dinner, and to this day I seldom have a desert.  Even at Christmas and Thanksgiving, I have to work really hard to make sure there is a desert. This is one example of a belief that was affecting my life and I did not even know it!  The question is always what is it do I believe and why do I believe that.  If we are creating our lives than we ought to make sure that our belief structure is indeed ours. If we are going to ensure we are living our lives then we have to start somewhere, perhaps by looking at what it is, we heard when we were younger. We listen to what our parents and other family members say with five-year-old ears and often never examine what we heard and how that informs our building a future.  Once we understand how we could misinterpret what we hear and see as kids we can start to reinvent out life.

I recently posted on my YouTube Channel this video on beliefs Please comment I would love to hear what you discover.

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