The Path to Unconditional Love

Are you longing for the relationship you know you deserve?
And ready to learn how to make it a reality?
Isn’t it time to stop struggling to find the LOVE you deserve? Is your relationship hitting some roadblocks? Do you want a more unconditional love relationship, and you are not sure how to get there?
You read about it in books; you sing about it in songs. Romantic movies are based upon it. You’ve probably felt it yourself. The “it” is love’s first bite, that feeling of being head over heels in love with someone. But to know if a person is right for you, you need to know the difference between true love and the chemicals your body produces.
 By the time you finish this eBook, you’ll have a much better understanding of:


●       The concept of unconditional love

●       How to love unconditionally

●       The obstacles to loving unconditionally

●       How to get a new relationship off on the right foot

●       Codependency

●       How to practice unconditional love in your day-to-day life


Daily Affirmations Book and Workbook

How do you see the world around you?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the problematic parts of life; we start thinking that’s all life is made up of. Maybe everything and everyone is just one more sad and terrible disappointment waiting to happen.

After all, you’ve been trapped in a lot of negative thought patterns, you’ve been distracting yourself and allowing those thoughts to impact your decisions, however unconsciously. Now, with you paying attention to your thoughts, you’re thinking a whole lot clearer. Your brain can finally work on things without an annoying buzz of negativity in the background.

This book and workbook are designed for you to make this huge shift in how you see the world.  It is not Pollyanna thinking but living from a positive place rather than a negative one. 
Let’s get started with the Daily Affirmations book and the accompanying workbook and change your life. 


A Five Minute Guide To Doing Yoga At Home

Can you have your own Yoga Studio set up in your home? You can, and it is not difficult to do at all.  This workbook has instructions on how to set up your home studio and free resources for online classes along with the kind of music you can listen to during your yoga session.  The information will cover those with no experience right up to advanced practitioners.